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 Read First Before Registering

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PostSubject: Read First Before Registering   Read First Before Registering EmptyWed Jul 29, 2009 3:15 pm

In order to provide the best gaming experience possible the following guidelines have been established for new members:

1. Once you register and pick a class you will put in the ubf

2. You will then be accepted into the ubf on a trial basis for a ONE fight contract. We are looking for the best online players but also those who have potential and who will be ACTIVE members of this community

3. Once you have passed your trial fight and accept your 4 fight contract you will be locked into that class for the remaining four fights which will take a month to complete

4. Forum inactivity is considered 48 hours or longer and you will be removed immediately if your status goes into inactivity. If you are going to be gone please post in the AWOL thread and you will not be released.

5. You may be required to wait until the next weeks fight card to get your first fight if you join during the middle of a week. You will be considered as a replacement if someone quits, gets booted, or cant do his or her fight
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Read First Before Registering
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